All rooms
Dust all accessible surfaces            
Vacuum and mop all floors             
Mirrors cleaned and polished            
Empty garbage bins            
Clean benchtop and splash back            
Clean stovetop and oven front             
Polish taps and sink             
Wipe exterior of appliances
Clean exterior of cabinets and pantry
Living Areas and Bedrooms
Dust furniture (bedheads, side tables, chairs)   Dust electronic devices (such as TV)            
Tidy Beds Detail door handles             
Clean light switches and power points              Cobweb removal             
Dust and wipe skirting boards              
Wipe door exterior and frames
Bathroom and Laundry
Clean tiles and shower screen            
Sanitise toilet             
Polish taps and sinks             
Apply mould remover to tiles and grouting
Wipe cabinet and shelves exterior             
Dust accessible air vents
Blue on white spray bottle


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